[CFP] “Cyborg Subjects: Discourses on Digital Culture” Journal and Website

We are happy to announce the official launch of a new journal and community website: “Cyborg Subjects: Discourses on Digital Culture”. www.cyborgsubjects.org
Cyborg Subjects is a critical collective of emerging thinkers, hackers, artists, philosophers, and critical theorists from all over the world. 

We are live with our first pre-release of Volume #0: “What is the Cyborg Subject?” tackling issues in fields as diverse as music, ecology, network localities, and psychoanalysis, this volume attempts to define one of today’s central philosophical issues: the subject in the age of posthumanity.

We invite you to read and engage in debates of the articles along with other intellectuals with our WordPress + IntenseDebate engine. Writers of the article will most likely respond to your thoughts. Selected early discussions will be published in the journal along with the articles when we hit the publishers. Go and visit our interactive online journal now to be part of the discussion.Just like any academic journal Cyborg Subjects has an editorial board consisting of:
Neil Badmington
Christian Fuchs
Lucille Holmes
Isaac Leung
Todd McGowan
André Nusselder
Alvis Choi
Heather Kelley

Please have a look at www.cyborgsubjects.org to find out more.
Please feel free to spread the word about the project.

Thank you!
Bonni Rambatan
Jacob Johanssen