Sarah T. Roberts, Ph.D.



Periodically attended to since 2009, this blog is primarily focused, as is its author, on discussions and dissections of notions of information in society, and its attendant sociocultural, economic and ethical implications, as well as the political economy of digital information, information labor, the internet, and popular media. Also under discussion are issues of digital (in)equities, internet culture, internet policy, the nature of digital information, information transmission and dissemination, information as commodity/currency, gaming, histories of computing and technology, and internet policy. A few odds and ends may be thrown in the mix!

Other writings are often works in progress, the beginnings (or continuations) of dialogs with others, and are likely not a final word or definitive thought on the topics they address, so please do regard them in that light. And, of course, all opinions expressed herein should be considered solely the opinion of the author and not of any institutions or individuals with which the author has been associated in the past, present or future, unless otherwise directly stated. -STR


After three years as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies (FIMS) at the University of Western...

Tak, København!

The crowd at the University of Copenhagen talk. My time in lovely Copenhagen has drawn to a close, after a...