Mr. Mandela

My mother grew up with brutality of the Vietnam war airing each evening on the nightly news. In my generation, the nightly news broadcast brutality and atrocities from Reagan's Central America, the Pinochet regime in Chile, and, of course Apartheid-era South Africa. I recall watching thousands upon thousands of Black South Africans linked arm and… Continue reading Mr. Mandela

Eden Medina: “The Slipperiness of Socio-technical Engineering”

On Monday, November 8th, the Information in Society Speaker Series welcomed Dr. Eden Medina of Indiana University to campus.  Medina's talk, "The Slipperiness of Socio-Technical Engineering" focused on her work on Project Cybersyn, the 1970s-era cybernetics project envisioned to support and inform the economic agenda, and many nationalized industries, under the Chilean government of President… Continue reading Eden Medina: “The Slipperiness of Socio-technical Engineering”