Call for Papers: The Third Graduate Student Conference on the History of American Capitalism: “Capitalism in Action”, Harvard University, March 4th-6th, 2011

The Third Graduate Student Conference on the History of American Capitalism: “Capitalism in Action”

Sponsored by the David Howe Fund for Business and Economic History at Harvard University.

Keynote Speaker: Jackson Lears

Discussions of American capitalism often uncritically rely on loaded but abstract terms, from “markets” to “capital.” This conference aims to bring together emerging scholars who are interested in interrogating the nitty-gritty details of how capitalist systems have been imagined, constructed, maintained, altered, and challenged by an array of different historical actors in the United States and across the globe. What does “the economy” look like once we shift our focus from intangible market models towards the concrete workings of capitalist society and culture? In this conference, we hope to expand our understanding of American history by analyzing many different moments of “capitalism in action.”

We welcome papers by fellow graduate students from many different fields, such as cultural, social or business histories of capitalism. We encourage papers on a range of diverse topics. Possible paper subjects could include anything from mortgage-backed derivatives, land speculation and the geography of garbage to corporate personhood, consumer branding and the political economy of baseball. We welcome the submission of panels as well.

Interested graduate students should submit a C.V. and a 750-word abstract of their paper (description, significance, sources, current status) to:

History of Capitalism Conference
Charles Warren Center
4th Floor Emerson Hall
Cambridge, MA  02138

The submission deadline is Nov 1st, 2010.  Those selected to present will be notified by Nov 19th and receive a stipend towards travel costs.

For additional information, please see: or email For the websites of previous conferences, please see and

Faculty supervisor: Professor Sven Beckert

Organizers: Nikolas Bowie, Eli Cook, Jeremy Zallen and Caitlin Rosenthal